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Monday, 6 May 2013

another day, some more flat whites

i had a sock club meeting at no.26 last week
i do like no.26 ( and no.193 and no.114 ) 
the flat whites their are not only very, very good, but the presentation
is excellent too. they are always served up with really smart spoons.

have a closer look at this lad
well... that's as close as my camera could go.

afterwards i popped over to the bapestore to discuss their 20th anniversary
and bumped into a fellow af-1 enthusiast

he was also a fellow sock enthusiast
tmnt socks by uniqlo.
savage beast af-1's by nike

he was of course, right into his bape gear too
have a butchers at his new iphone 5 cover.

after all the excitement at bape, i had a meeting with "the boss" at number 114
another flat white, another spoon and another load of long stories from me.

good times in w1

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