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Sunday, 19 May 2013

more from jane austen's house

ok where did i leave off last time ?

oh yes. the quills.
the quills were most difficult to get to grips with.
somebody gave up on writing with one and did a drawing instead.
not bad.

nan alert !
lavender ready for crushing and for...
well whatever nans do with lavender.
lavender as i have touched upon previously, is pretty much like crystal meth to nans.
they can't get enough of it.

what the what ?!
some sort of instructional board in the bakehouse at jane's place.

some post it notes left in one of the new 'exhibit' rooms
which was probably jane austen's shed.
is that a premature exclamation mark ?
was it originally going to be a longer sentence ?


colonel brandon was the man who ( insert quite rude punchline here )

south korea ?
i have a story about some south korean ladies.

maybe on wednesday i'll tell you.

complaint post it note regarding quills
a very polite not too.
i would have used a long swearword in there...
but it was too difficult to write.

oh my word
somebody had to write do the whole paraphrase thing.

mind you... it is one of the greatest opening lines of all time.
right ?

good shout !
and thanks for your publishing company too mr brown.

hungary ?
wasn't mr biro from hungary ?

i'm just saying.

right, that's your lot for today.
may i politely suggest that while it's a sunday, why not settle down and watch
pride and prejudice ? or sense and sensibility ?
or my personal favourite... emma.

back to normal-ish stuff tomorrow.

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