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Friday, 24 May 2013

iphone friday ( plus bonus trailer )

it's been a busy week so no real story here.
just some iphone snapshots.

my favourite artist, advertising on my local notice board.
genius !

this was the last bank holiday.
what happened to the decent weather ?

i wouldn't ordinarily take photos in the gents at a pub.
but i was wearing air force 1's and the hand dryer was called air force.
well... it amused me.

debuting my london edition lunar force 1's a couple of weeks ago.
i'm still waiting for an explanation from nike as to why tartan symbolises london.

i don't know what's going on here.
has pocahontas got a new boyfriend and she's just waving goodbye as he takes 
her out for a pizza ?

or has she been abducted by some sort of muscle man / alien type chap
and she's waving to get some attention ?

perhaps the big lad is asking for directions to golden square and pocahontas 
is telling everybody to hush up while she tells him a good shortcut ?

i bought a blinding belt the other week from supreme. it's in brown croc.
i thought it would go nicely with a pair of my bespokes.

i'm a pretty good cook. that's a well known fact
( ahem )

this is one of my favourite meals. it's something i call chicken soup and crisps.

the recipe ?
well, just crack open a tin of chicken soup, or as i did on this occasion a carton.
i then like to blast it in a pan at a temperature which is probably too high.
i then like to forget to stir it, as i'm getting distracted by the music playing
on my phone.
after a while i will stir it, but too vigorously so that some soup will spill onto the hob.

after a while pour the soup into a bowl and a little bit onto the kitchen work surface.

then chuck in a handful of crisps. any flavour is good to be honest. i used cheese and onion here but more or less any flavour works ( even chicken )

as a finishing touch i like to tuck into the soup without blowing it and then
a ) burn my tongue
b) use industrial language.

have a good weekend i suppose.

oh... as a bonus, i just spotted this trailer.
have a look.
it seems pretty good to me.

what ?

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