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Friday, 3 May 2013

iphone friday

iphone friday

my beer game stepped up a level when i pulled the trigger on a supreme
pint glass a couple of weeks ago.

i christened it with a welsh golden ale.

yes, i know... that kettle though.

i have a story about this place.
but that's another story.
i'd forgotten all about it, then i walked by with gooner jeff the other day
and had a bit of a flashback.

talking of gooner jeff, i took him to taylor street baristas one day last week.
when the australian staff finally finished chatting to each other about how much
better everything is in australia, these flat whites turned up.

in fairness, they were really good flat whites.

though no doubt they would taste better in australia.

ranking alongside my bathing ape door wedge as stupidest purchase of 2013.
fragment design lip balm.

"but my lips hurt real bad"

this bloke turned up to watch arsenal v man utd.
he wasn't a regular and he was by himself.
i liked his style and wanted to take a sneaky photo of him.
so i pretended to take a photo of young pat.

later using photoshop skills as taught to me by my friend benito
i cropped out young pat and the other people to concentrate on the 
bloke and his bovril.

this is a long story.

too long for me to explain here.
but it involves a shoot that was running late, a team of florists,
a footballer who is still on arsenal's books...

and a famous danish actress.

what ?

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