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Thursday, 16 May 2013

plates and quills ( jane austen's house part two )

ok so maybe jane austen wasn't everybody's thing.

maybe yesterday wasn't too clever either.
what if you don't know 'arrested development' ?


normal-ish service will be resumed soon i assure you.
but in the meantime here are some more pics from jane austen's house.

there's a room where you can do jane austen type things, like writing with a quill
or making lavender bags ( if the nans haven't stolen it all )

you can also 'decorate' a plate.

this is not my work. i just take the photos.
it's a nice drawing don't get me wrong.
but was the arrow necessary ?

i'm no expert, but i doubt this claim.

17 ?
32 ?
as they say in california... do the math

( leave it )

money-grabbing b*tches

this one is quite decent.
too many capital letters for me though.

this was my favourite.
no words, just a drawing of something.
no idea what though.

here's the bit where you can write with a quill
and some plates in the background.

i didn't have a go at a plate but i did try with a quill
this is perhaps my favourite jane austen line.

well... it was until it took me 10 minutes to write it with a quill.

to be honest i think it was a dodgy one.
i've seen them used on telly and they write for ages.
this quill was good for half a centimetre of ink before it scratched like a
( insert dodgy punchline here )
plus i got ink all over my fingers.

grrr !

more jane austen stuff tomorrow i'm afraid.

maybe i'll throw in some af-1's and a flat white just to mix it up a little.

until then. time for me to pack.

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