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Saturday, 25 May 2013

jane austen and marky mark

i feel like before i move on to the london coffee festival pics,
snapshots from my trip to beijing, shots of new trainers,
coffees and self-portraits in restaurants and at location sites...
oh and my interview with a korean magazine...

i should finish telling you about my visit to jane austen's house.

so here goes.

some old copy of pride and prejudice on display.
must be worth a few bob.

"she is tolerable"
what an excellent line.

the original table where jane austen would sit down and write
pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility and also do the odd crossword.

which is pretty amazing considering how difficult it is to use quills.
remember ?

a few foreign editions kicking around.

er... some sort of dress

you can just imagine jane austen standing there by the window
looking out at coachloads of tourists coming to her house.

one of my favourite illustrations on display.
i like that those young lads are a bit afraid of the miserable old bloke.

it's precisely what i look for when i go into a coffee shop in soho and
start scowling at the young lads with big beards who are sitting there
poncing about on facebook and not drinking a coffee.

the caption for the previous illustration.
maybe i'll commission a version of the illustration with me entering a coffee shop
and a couple of soho wasters saying a modern day equivalent.

next time i go to jane austen's house i must remember to take a wire 
coathanger and a piece of blue-tac.

if you're ever in the chawton area do pop over to jane austen's house.
even if you're not a massive fan, there's a good boozer and a cracking little cafe over the road.

and finally for today, another trailer.
there's something about this trailer that i can identify with.
can you guess which part ?

no... not that part... the final bit when he's driving, singling along to marky mark.

grrr !

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