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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

bank holiday monday ( yesterday )

before i bore you with a load of old pics, let me show you some
from yesterday. bank holiday monday.

my oldest and cheapest friend 'uncle manley' suggested i leave n7
for an afternoon in w2 kicking around little venice.

here are a few of my snapshots.

my love for the union jack has been well documented on this blog.
yesterday i was in my element... saluting left, right and centre.
you beauty !

there were lots of dogs kicking around.
i think it's pretty much a law that if you have a boat, you have a dog.
one of those little dogs too. one with a low centre of gravity.
i think it would be stupid to have a boat and one of those dogs with long legs...
that would be an accident waiting to happen.

one of my favourite makes of dog ( what ? )
is the yorkshire terrier. sure, they can be yappy, but they don't seem to mind
when you dress them up a bit. look at this lad with a bow in his hair.
his owner was friendly, but i didn't like her camera.

i like it when you can see their bottom row of teeth.
a bit like keira knightly.

in fainress i should have slapped a mosaic mask on that camera though.

a spanish fan kind of thing.
estupendo !

look at this little chap. he was wearing a bandana.
i'm pretty sure he was in a gang.

me and uncle manley had a bit of a disagreement about what make of dog
this was. so i asked the bloke on the right.
it turned out we were both wrong.

to cap off this uninteresting story, i have forgotten what it was.
it was a brand i'd never heard of though... a something terrier.

as you know. it's a hobby / habit of mine to photograph photographers.
this lady was having a nightmare.

i wasn't helping as i made the couple start laughing.
the photographer said something to me in spanish.

it wasn't 'gracias' that's for sure.

uncle manley was pestering all day that we should have a photo taken together.
his missus is a photographer so she was handed my camera every now and then to 
do the deed.
in fairness, his t-shirt actually says "miami gap" but i couldn't help having a little
play on photoshop a couple of minutes ago.

to be honest, neither of us were happy with the background in the previous pic.
i thought this would be better, so i did a quick test shot.
what do you think ?
sadly uncle hanley's missus got the munchies real bad by this stage and had 
wandered off in search of pub grub.

i don't know why i took this photo. 
i don't like nature.

what ?

this is more like the kind of photo i like to take.

you can put as many double sided stickers on there as you like sweetheart...
it's always going to fall off.
get it back to fiat and tell them to sort it out properly.

when people ask me what is my favourite kind of food, i always answer
"aeroplane food"

my second choice though, would be pub food.
what's not to like ?
( apart from the vegetarian option )

after a few minutes, a mum, dad and kiddy came into the pub.
the kiddy had one of those helium balloon things.
this made uncle manley very jealous as he'd been pestering for one all afternoon.

i think the pink unicorn is his favourite mythical creature.

i'm no expert on these matters but it seems extremely cruel to tether the 
thing by it's tilbury.

what do you reckon ?

sorry to leave you with a gripe but here are two of what i consider to be the biggest crimes
on the streets of london today.
blokes wearing flip-flops in a pub. complete with the trademark move of the foot
overhanging at the back and the visible dirty bits where the toes go.

secondly, some sort of joke that timberland played on the public being worn with 
long white socks.

all this while i was trying to eat.

er... normal service will resume tomorrow.


  1. nick "canon-user" nameless7 May 2013 at 13:13

    I'm kind of offended, but not in a write to the daily mail way, by your blatant camera-ism.

  2. Just saw this post. Litle Venice is only a 3-minutes walk from where i stayed the other day, Maida Vale. Could've drop by if i knew u were there. Next visit then.