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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

jane austen's house ( part one )

i'm going to stretch this out.

at the end of the week i'm going to the land that google forgot, 
so there will be no 'live' blogging.

what i'm saying is, i'm going to have to line up a few blog posts to 
publish while i'm away.

and seeing as i don't have much to report on, i'm going to make the most of
my recent visit to jane austen's house.

so here we go... part one.

jane austen's house is a nan-friendly zone.
lavender everywhere.

they don't have a cafe there.
just as well really, as i reckon it would be jane austen time themed
and that was a dark time for food in my book*

right. that's your lot for today.

more and hopefully more entertaining pics tomorrow.

*food i like, by mark whitfield ( n7 press )

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