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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

bad morning

maybe there's no such thing as a free coffee ?
when i got back to my jam jar after the free flat white at l.m.n.h
i noticed that one of my tyres had a puncture.

luckily enough it was quite a slow puncture and i managed to get from ec1 to n7
where the local kwik-fit had a look at it for me.
while the bloke took the tyre away to try and find the puncture, i hung around
and got in everybody's way by taking photos.
this is the bit of my car after the wheel and tyre bits were taken off. 

the kwik-fit bloke pumped my tyre up and showed me how to find the puncture.
hmmm, it frothed up like bottled bass !
ten minutes later i was back at whitfield towers having spent nothing on a coffee
and £100 on a new tyre.
grrr !

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