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Monday, 17 January 2011

sunday iphone pics

sunday was a dull day. dull and rainy.
so dull, dark and rainy that i didn't take a camera out with me.

i did however have apple's second biggest practical joke... the iphone's
built-in camera. it's so poor that i generally use the hipstamatic app
which turns the iphone pics into polaroid style images. at least this way
the lack of quality seems to have a bit of style about it.

while waiting for the lift at whitfield towers, i knocked off a quick self-portrait.

perfect !

i saw an interesting sign in the window of coexistence...

feeling a little hank marvin i figured it was time for masala zone.
on the beverage front i opted for a stawberry lassi
which really hit the spot

food-wise i ordered up a chicken biryani
which was fine after i got rid of all the green bits.

masala zone i salute you.
your food is magic darts, you always have a nice booth for me and your staff
are always very polite... yes masala zone, i like you very much.

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