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Friday, 21 January 2011

nike air force 1 year of the monkey

previously on this blog i've shown you my nike af-1 year of the horse kicks...

yesterday for peep and weep wednesday i wore my af-1 year of the dog editions.
i'll give you an in depth look at them next week but for now, here's dj clark kent's
reaction to me posting a photo of them...
dope indeed !

and today i'm wearing another pair of kicks that nike brought out to celebrate
chinese new year a few years ago... the year of the monkey.
as you know, i'm not a fan of white trainers but these have some interesting details.

the swoosh is  dark brown but fades to a lighter brown towards the back.
the whole upper is a buttersoft leather and the laces and outsole are also in dark brown.
the heel tab has chinese characters instead of nike branding

and there is a monkey stitched in to the foxing on the outer of both shoes.
bringing heat to the streets of n7


  1. I said... (I just typed this out once but it looks like it's disappeared)....
    I thought the 'monkey' stitching was actually a goat! Seriously.
    (sorry for, er, butting in)

  2. i'll do the jokes.

    it's a monkey.

    you should google 'nike year of the goat'
    they are all white with white swoosh and have a picture of a goat on the tongue.