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Friday, 28 January 2011

on my coffee table this week...

here's what's happening at whitfield towers this week...
you know, every week when i do this feature, i always stop and admire my coffee 
table. it really is the most beautiful coffee table i've ever seen.
( thanks magnus )

and for only the second time, a proper coffee table book,
'the interior world of tom dixon'
i do like tom dixon. i used to buy his designs way back in the day... maybe since 1996.

this is a big heavy book
and i think it probably costs a few bob too.

my copy is a very special one...
thanks to tom... and many thanks to ash.

dvd box set: leslie phillips collection
the master of suave indeed.
these are 4 gems from back in the day. watch your stern is a classic,
as is crooks anonymous.

once again, this is a very special version... it's signed by leslie phillips
not only did he sign it but he also wrote "ding dong"
i found leslie phillips to be a charming man. i'll dig out the photo of the two of us together
and post it in a couple of days.
i do love a nice catchphrase by the way, and i look forward to doing a public appearance
one day soon, when i shall be signing copies of my coffee table book of coffee
and writing " i'll do the jokes" on the front cover !

cd: my beauty by kevin rowland
i know... i know...
but you have to understand, i was a fan of dexys midnight runners
way back in the day. before they made their first album... years before 
'come on eileen'

i bought this cd the day it was released. rumour has it that it only sold just over 500 copies.
if you don't know the story, it's an album of cover versions.
famously bruce springstein refused to let kevin rowland's version of 'thunder road' 
be included on the final album because he hated it so much !

i admit it might not be to everybody's taste but there are some corking 
songs on here. i defy anybody not to tap their foot along to 'concrete and clay'
other songs on here include 'rag doll' 'labelled with love' 'the long and winding road'
'daydream believer' and of course... my theme tune.

by the way, please be careful if you type the words 'concrete and clay' and 'kevin rowland'
into youtube. if you do, just listen to the song with your eyes shut.


  1. one of the best album covers of all time....

  2. my next favourite album cover: