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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

the breakfast of champions

well, spain are the football champions of the world.
rafa nadal is wimbledon champion and alberto contador won the tour de france last year.

ok, so i doubt if the spanish footy team have churros for breakfast and
contador... well i'm sure he had something banned from most breakfast 
establishments before he jumped on his bike.

rafa nadal though... yeah, i'm pretty sure he starts the day the same way
that i do when i'm in spain ( or in euston )

with a visit to the churreria !

look at these bad boys...

pull one out of the bag and hold it over a cup of hot chocolate...

dunk the little sucker in for a few seconds...

pull it out and eat...
say something along the lines of " you beauty "
or possibly try " magic darts "

repeat this procedure until the churros bag is empty.

andy murray would do well to follow my advice.

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