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Sunday, 23 January 2011


on saturday i headed out east to have a look at the bathing ape pirate store.
it's only open for 9 days and promised rare pieces from the archives,
special edition items, factory seconds and much more. hmmm...
what could possibly go wrong ?

on the way to the pop-up bape store i saw a pop-up church

near the church were some white rabbits
as you can see, it was a cold, dull rainy day.

before i even saw the store i saw a queue of japanese lads 
and a few english lads with a craving for japanese clothes

no way was i going to queue up for ages in the rain so i just took a few photos.
i saw lots of people coming out empty handed, moaning about how rubbish it was.
i might return to the bape pirate store in a couple of days. 
supposedly they are getting new stock every day and surely the queue was just for today ?

saying adios to brick lane i got the number 8 to the west end... great titchfield street
to be precise. and in great titchfield street i settled in at kaffeine for a flat white
and a strawberry muffin.
kaffeine is a top place. i rate it highly on the flat white-ometer.

i saw two beautiful sights today. one was when i spotted a reflection of my hair in 
a shop window on great portland street, the other was this...
my favourite building in the whole of london... the post office tower,
( please don't tell me it's not called that anymore... my blog, my rules )
caught in the final blast of golden light before dusk.

you beauty !

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