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Friday, 14 January 2011

an ideal husband

did i mention that thursday 13th january was my birthday ?

well, in the evening i was treated to an evening at the vaudeville theatre.
mrs w said that she always wanted to see what an ideal husband was like...

i've previously admitted to you that i'm partial to a bit of jane austen so i might as well
confess that i'm a big fan of oscar wilde too.

an ideal husband is one of my favourite plays. not only is it full of great quotable lines
but i also see a lot of myself in the character lord arthur goring 
( the idlest man in london )

perhaps those of you who know me should check out the 1999 film version
and let me know if you agree ?

at the start of the second act, lord goring was getting changed
( he was rumoured to change his clothes 5 times a day )
he was standing in front of a full length mirror admiring himself while speaking
to his man...
" fashion is what one wears oneself. what is unfashionable is what other people wear.
other people are dreadful. the only possible society is oneself "

he then came out with my favourite line in the whole play and one which 
is paraphrased in my favourite song of all time... my theme song if you like...

lord goring adjusted his buttonhole, looked at his reflection and smiled...
" to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance "

ok... second competition of the year...
a prize for whoever can guess what my theme song is, what the line in the song is
 that has similar sentiments to lord goring, and who's recording of the song is in my
opinion, the definitive version.


  1. mrs. cheveley, i ain't saying she a gold digger...

  2. lord arthur goring: i am glad you have called. i am going to give you some advice.

    mrs cheveley: oh pray, don't. one should never give a woman something that she can't wear in the evening.

  3. I'm too sexy by Right Said Fred - although I am having trouble working out the definitive version...

  4. Mac Davis "oh lord it's hard to be humble"

  5. good effort from the step-cousin-in-law.
    i can see that you know me well and that's a pretty good guess.
    it is however, incorrect.
    have another think about it. i reckon the line of the song is quite easy to guess, and you'll certainly know the song.

  6. Carly Simon "you're so vain"

  7. very good guess by the newly confirmed first cousin.
    I do love that song, but it's not my theme song.

  8. greatest love of all - whitney?

  9. hmmm...

    I need to know your guess for:
    1. song title
    2. the line of the song
    3. the artist

    you are very close

  10. Could it possibly be this...?

    1. The Greatest Love of All

    2. The greatest love of all
    Is easy to achieve
    Learning to love yourself
    It is the greatest love of all

    3. Whitney Houston

  11. 1 greatest love of all
    2 learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all
    3 george benson/whitney houston?

    or dreams by The Game?

  12. Although the lyrics fit - I am finding it hard to see someone like you walking around with Whitney tunes pushing out of the headphones. However, the following lyrics fit nicely -

    In love with myself
    In love with my own reflection
    With my own affection
    With the vision that i see

    David Guetta - In love with myself...


  13. sung to a mirror... beautiful by christina aguilera- 'cos you are beautiful in every single way'

  14. ok, you two are getting very close now.

    l like the way you're both thinking.

    you are absolutely spot-on there... no way would i walk around listening to whitney houston. no way not never.
    i've no idea who david guetta is, but i approve of his lyrical style.

    le tissier07,
    it's as if you've got a webcam set up in whitfield towers... i do often stand in front of a full lenght mirror singing 'beautiful' by christina aguilera to myself. it's close but not quite correct.

    seeing as you both seem to know me quite well, i'm sure you'll understand that as a perfectionist and guided by the rules of my ocd,
    i cannot say that either of you have answered correctly.

    i will post the answer on tuesday morning.

  15. Aha, think I have it.

    1. Greatest love of all
    2.Learning to love yourself, It is the greatest love of all
    3. Kevin Rowland - from the 'My Beauty' album

  16. bingo !

    we have a winner. well played gary.

    send me your address and I'll think of a prize
    for you. I may even post it to you at some point.

    "learning to love yourself... is the greatest love of all"

    I love kevin rowland's version of the greatest love of all.
    I even have a tattoo of the song's final line...
    "find your strength in love"

    yes. that's my song.