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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

funny or not ?

well what did they expect when they hired ricky gervais ?

my favourite part was seeing robert de niro laughing...
oh and perhaps seeing how nervous steve buscemi looked,
dreading ricky gervais making a joke about him.

nice one ricky.

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  1. I can't work this out. Part of him is funny (the Charlie Sheen breakfast joke). Part of him is brave (targeting a current nominee - The Tourist). Part of him is offensive (Heffner 'don't look at it').

    I take my hat off to someone who is so confident that he can do that. Although I read somewhere that he said 'I will make sure they don't hire me again'. What does that mean? Was it a threat - why would you bite the hand?

    English actors have a hard enough time breaking the USA, especially comedians. He has done well. some of the comedies are a little second rate but he is getting repeat business which is rare. So I am asking myself, why? Why not play it safe? All will be revealed in time.

    Very confusing.

    Steve Buscemi did looked terrified.