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Sunday, 16 January 2011

on saturday

on saturday i decided to step out in my black air yeezys
perfect for strolling along the holloway road 

at the tube station while waiting for the train i spotted a mirror...
i wasn't going to let that opportunity pass me by.
ok so it's a bit shaky but you get the impression.
black air yeezys, evisu jeans, black bape long sleeve top, adidas / crooked tongues
jacket, supreme bag and bose headphones. standard.

i got out at piccadilly circus to pay my first visit of 2011 to the nordic bakery.

a few doors away from the nordic is a cracking little music shop.
i had a look in the window to see if the spongebob squarepants drum kit that i wanted
was still there... it wasn't.
nice ukeleles though, seeing as they only have four strings, does that make them easier to play ? does the dreaded 'f' chord fail to exist in the world of ukelele playing i wonder ?

hmmm... what about the penny whistle that comes with an instructional dvd ? 

i also liked the look of that keyboardy kind of thing at the top left.
it had a tube and a mouthpiece coming out of it... genius !

no. i won't bother buying another musical instrument. i'll just stick to my 
acoustic guitar... or rather i'll stick to looking at my acoustic guitar.

wandering towards the heart of soho i spotted a load of these posters in
a record shop window
i think i am just the sort of person they were looking for. i stopped to admire the posters.
i took a quick photo, the went into the shop, asked if there was a record to go with
the poster as i liked the design of it very much. the girl asked if i'd like to hear it but
i didn't need to. if the poster was that good, the music would be great, right ?

funnily enough they were selling the posters and there was a corking 
coffee table book which had loads of photos of album covers. you could also buy 
a t-shirt with the poster design on it, and a decent looking sports bag too. 

with the double cd of bossa nova in my bag i moved on.
i wondered about popping in to the newsagent to buy the latest issue of 'dapper dan'
but i didn't

after a quick skulk around seven dials i made my way to the dover street market.
what a touch ! free food and drink at dsm.
obviously the sandwiches were a bit too salad-like for my liking, but i helped myself
to a glass of apple juice and a couple of pieces of lemon poppy seed cake.

the cake was magic darts.
i like the way poppy seeds get stuck in your teeth for the rest of the day.
that's a nice look !

just around the corner in dover street, i spotted a space invader piece

walking along bond street i saw loads of couples dressed in similar clothes.
some of them had checked shirts and gillets, some wore blazers, and look at this 
couple sporting similar black padded coats...
i asked mrs w if she'd like to dress like me in future...

selfridges kind of got on my nerves yesterday. the only thing i liked about it was
when i noticed this massive shoe on the second floor...
can you see what it's made of ?

that's right, the whole thing is made from stainless steel pans
you should try and check it out. it's an amazing piece. 

after breaking my personal best time for length of sulking, mrs w
thought it would be a good idea if we took a trip to wagamama.
this almost made me smile. wagamama can mean only one thing for me...
no. 71. no pickles, no leaves.

job done.

and that was all i photographed on saturday.

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  1. Space Invader appears heavily in the Banksy film 'Exit Through The Gift Shop'. An excellent film which shows some great behind the scenes pieces and also how an idiot can sell art pieces for 20 grand! And no, I'm not talking about Banksy.