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Thursday, 27 January 2011

setting up for portraits

for the portraits i decided to do 4 different set-ups for each person.
that way, the client would get a wider choice of shots to use. no doubt
some people would look better in one location and others in another location
with different lighting. that was my plan anyway.

while i was setting up each shot, i got g-fog to stand in place.

here's a head and shoulders shot using a 1 metre softbox on an elinchrom 500

my next shot was taken with a leica m9 using a 50mm f1.1 lens
and the modelling light of an elinchrom

in another part of the building i used a battery light with bare bulb
which bounced around the all white interior for a nice full length shot.

finally using my gf-1, available light and a silver lastolite reflector
when i get permission from my client. i'll show you some of the final images
from the shoot. they are very nice if i say so myself.

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  1. I just love how the battery light with bare bulb pushes the white background to nothing without blowing out - genius.