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Saturday, 15 January 2011

my birthday boxing day

for as long as i can remember, i've always called january 14th 'my birthday boxing day'
( did i mention 13th january was my birthday ? )

yes, i like to stretch my birthday celebrations out for as long as i can.

anyway, some serious heat arrived from japan yesterday.
in a plain nike box...

these are an unreleased hybrid version of the nike x fragment design tennis classic
the regular version was released in limited numbers to raise money for the sichuan earthquake.

unlike the limited edition versions, these feature a panda head cartoon on the heel tabs...
the released versions had a nike swoosh on the heel tabs after the panda head idea was rejected.

they also have chinese font on the tongue.

unlike the regular nike tennis classics, these prototypes sit on an air force 1 sole.

less than 5 pairs of these exist and they were never released to the public.
did you hear me ? less than 5 pairs of these exist !

these are fire
i won't lie to you, i tried these on, took a photo, then put them back in their box.

i'd like to thank mayor for fixing me up with these. salute.

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