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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

monday morning coffee sulk

on monday morning i had a shoot which meant me leaving whitfield towers at 6.30am. 

the restaurant was supposed to be ready for me to shoot at 7am but when i 
arrived the place was in a right old two and eight.
not for the first time i had to set the place up by myself... 55 heavy wooden chairs 
to take off the tables and place in position ( yes i counted them )

while i was setting up the chairs and putting out the salt, pepper and sugar dispensers
i spotted a decent looking coffee machine... hmmmm...

i took out my m9 and set up a self-portrait before i took my first shot
of the restaurant. 
i wanted to see how i looked when it was early morning and i was jonesing for a coffee.
the answer was... moody even by my standards.

happily enough i was offered a coffee about a minute after this.

so all in all, not a bad start to the week.

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