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Saturday, 29 January 2011

bathing ape pirate store

success at the bathing ape pop-up store today. no queues.

i won't lie, most of the clothes in the pirate store were the type
you see in the bape store and think " that will never sell "

i did however buy what was probably the plainest item on show...
it's a reversible long sleeve t-shirt. one side is grey as you can see, ( with no back print )
just plain grey with an ape head logo on the chest. the other side is white with 
thin grey hoops, a bit like a breton shirt perhaps.
it's amazing quality and is a bit like a light sweatshirt, weight-wise.

and here's the punchline...
half-price... not bad at all.

it seemed rude not to buy the special t-shirt which was produced to tie in 
with the pop-up store, and i got the last one in my size...

once again, the quality is amazing
nice detail on the label

and on the cuff tag
sunday is the last day by the way.

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