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Sunday, 16 January 2011

peep and weep wednesdays

i'm not much of a fan of twitter to be honest.
i do follow three people though, you know, the usual suspects...
steven fry, mayor and the other mark whitfield.

well, mayor has started a weekly thing on twitter where people send in a photo
of a pair of their kicks and it's called 'peep and weep wednesdays'
it's all good light hearted fun, not really bragging and showing off... well, ok
maybe it's a bit like that. you show some kicks and other people comment on them.

so on wednesday 12th ( the day before my birthday ! ) i joined in for the first time.

i posted this pic...
well... i was representing not only n7, but the whole of the uk

a couple of minutes later, a tweet appeared from new york city...
mayor had seen my pic. he posted just one word... 'nice'
a minute later i received another re-tweet about my kicks. this time it
was from a proper celeb... dj clark kent 
( djck produced three tracks on jay-z's debut album 'reasonable doubt' and 
is also namechecked on a couple of jay-z tracks )

i was so chuffed that i took a screen grab of my iphone...
on twitter i'm known as twixmeister because... well, it's a long story
involving a now defunct band, the cavern club in liverpool, the prodigy,
a hire van and of course a twix !

don't bother looking for me on twitter because i won't be tweeting,
but i will probably be joining in with peep and weep wednesdays for
a good while.

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