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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

the rest of seville

rather than make lots of little posts about seville, i thought i'd just stick 
all the rest of my photos here in one long post. so, it may be a bit messy...
no central theme just a few snapshots from my xmas break.

let's start off with a nice photo... well, i think it's nice anyway
zumo de naranja y caffe con leche

on a street called sierpes, lottery tickets were selling like hot cakes
some were sold by vendors on the streets

but some people queued up to buy them from little lottery ticket shops
hmmm... it's difficult to see here but the shop in the background in the centre
has a queue snaking out towards the right of the pic and it also went around the corner
and down the street !

i only took one pair of kicks to seville 
quite a good choice really as there was a lot of purple and red about

i also debuted my bape socks
to compliment the yellow swoosh

this reminds me of the film " a fistful of dollars "

when i'm not photographing my trainers or coffee, my favourite subject is...

sometimes however, my self-portraits don't come out the way i'd planned
grrr !

at plaza de españa i noted this tiled scene at the vizcaya section
it seems like a key moment in vizcaya's history... 
but what's the kid on the left up to ?

what the what ?!
he's showing a distinct lack of respect anyway.

my dislike / fear of horses has been well documented previously on this blog
i approached this lad to take a photo and i swear he just stared right through me.

even this tiled representation of a horse seems to be staring at me
when he would have done better to keep his eyes on the wardrobe malfunction
right infront of him.

on the floor i spotted a load of these little silver coloured studs marking a pathway
i thought they were illustrations of an inquisitive face... or a shocked face perhaps...

then i looked at them the other way
and realised they were to mark out a cycle path. oops !

i've mentioned before how spanish housewives have...
... no, i can't be bothered !

in the palace i tried to do a shot with my fisheye to show the interior of one of the rooms
and it almost turned into a self-portrait

talking of which...
seeing as i was debuting my norse projects jumper, i decided to make use of the
good light and interesting backdrop in the cathedral.

in the grounds i came across a maze
where i almost managed to lose j and j

oh... look at this... doesn't it look a bit like an owl... or maybe even a snake ?
ok... it looks like a leaf

at a little joint called restaurant el cordobes i had a bit of a paella

and a sneaky cerveza

i shot this self-portrait in the courtyard of the museum bella arts
i looked miserable because it was raining, though let's face it, my facial expression
would have been the same if it was sunny.

inside the museum was amazing
see the woman on the left taking a photo ?
no flash photography allowed sweetheart ! grrr !

here's a view of the ceiling that i took using my fisheye 
without flash

my top tip if you're visiting seville is...
visit el patio on calle san eloy

it's the best tapas joint i found
and one night there i had the best sandwich of my whole life... my whole life !

it's a big place with lots of seats and also a terraced section at the back
this was taken early one evening, usually it's absolutely packed.

i like the way the little kiddie is getting fed as she sits on the bar beneath the hams
yeah, you must go to el patio if you're in seville.

another recommendation is to take the tour of the bullfight museum 
it's very very interesting indeed

my breakfast on new year's day was different from my usual...
most of seville, including our regular breakfast stop, was shut for the day.
instead of churros i had this greasy effort...
chips, two fried eggs and morcilla

if you've been following my blog for a while, you'll maybe remember that i did
a photo of a dog tied up outside a bar in leon last year. i also did one of two dogs
tied up in new york in november. so just to keep with tradition, here are two in seville.
good perros

and finally...
there's a story about seville and this symbol.
the no, the number 8 which is a skien of yarn, and the do.
it's absolutely everywhere in the city from banners hung from houses, to flags, manhole covers, cycle racks, lamp posts, it's everywhere.

no me ha dejado
seville has not abandoned me.

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