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Thursday, 10 May 2012

ad-at a toy by bill mcmullen

as i said before, i'm no star wars fan but i do collect vinyl toys and figures.
also you've heard about my sneaker obsession right ?


how do you like me now ?
that's right, i have an ad-at.

a toy by bill mcmullen
words eh ?
not just a toy, this is a real grail item. probably the piece of my collection
that would go for the highest price if i were to stick it on the bay.

heck i even have the signed card
showing bill underneath one of his original artworks

i said signed

enough teasing let's open the box
oh yes.

and here it is, the ad-at... a toy by bill mcmullen
an at-at with the top bit like an adidas superstar... genius !

check out the shell toe front
the guns are moveable by the way, as are all four legs and feet.

it's a real beauty. the stripes are all hand painted
a proper old school piece.

one last look before this bad boy goes back in the box
i'm glad i didn't sleep on this. it's a real beauty and although it's star wars 
related, i like it very very much.


  1. what a beauty. shame its going back in the box though.