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Monday, 7 May 2012

japanese kitkat review

my love of kitkats has been well documented on this blog.
( type kitkat into the search bar at the bottom of this page for proof )

in tokyo a few weeks ago i bought this 
to be honest i've no idea what flavour it's supposed to be but i'm guessing
it's just dark chocolate or maybe black coffee flavour ?

as ever, as with most japanese things, the packaging is excellent
i particularly like the blank space at the back so you can write on it.
are you supposed to give it as a gift or something ?

thanks for showing me how to open the box too
how difficult can it be to open a kitkat ?

to be honest, it was pretty tricky and i made a bit of a mess of the box
anyway, inside the box were three little packets of kitkat

on the back of the packets...
what are those blank boxes about ? are we supposed to write on these too ?

ok, i opened up one of the packets and tucked in
and i'm gutted...
... gutted i didn't bring more of these bad boys home, it was absolutely incredible.

hands down the best kitkat i've ever tasted, and if you do the search you'll
see that i've eaten probably 30 different flavoured kitkats over the past three years.

anybody in japan fancy hooking me up with some more of these ?

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  1. I didn't buy any of these when we went because they looked too "dark" for my taste. This year's selection was (Rilakkuma's) Kuma Kuma Cupcake from Kiddyland in Harajuku (not yet sampled), Orange (with pictures of the new Tokyo Sky Tree - airport special, again, not yet sampled), "Citrus" (OK-ish), Wasabi (bit horrible TBH) Vanilla White Chocolate (yum!), Green Tea (firm favourite), some other kind of Tea flavour which I preferred to the Green Tea but never found again (regional special?), ***Almond*** which really is out of this world, some kind of Syrup flavour which tastes a bit sweet. I love the packaging too, neat and tidy, very Japanese!