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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

sam flores fatima figure

a few years ago i got heavily into collecting vinyl figures.

my friend the earl would call them plastic tat, i would prefer to call them
post-modern porcelain.

i was pretty fussy about what i collected. obviously i chased the rare and limited
edition pieces but i only bought pieces that i really liked and by artists i admired.

one such figure which i hunted down for ages was 'fatima' by sam flores.
i'm a big fan of sam flores and i have a few of his prints in my collection.

er anyway, i finally managed to snag a green fatima figure.

it's kinda nice eh ?

here's a side view

and again
the tiger illustration on her dress is a theme that flores uses in a lot of his art.
sometimes he has the fatima figure inside a tiger skin.
it's very much like some really old art i saw once in mexico city.
( but that's another story )

oh... here's a similar and i think less rare version on the bay

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