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Thursday, 24 May 2012


a few weeks ago i went to a belting place called mishkins to take photos
for  a magazine.

mishkins is the invention of the bloke who owns my favourite london eaterie... spuntino.
maybe i'll show you some wider shots of the place when the magazine has been published,
but in the meantime here are some details.

the specials board.
i love those boards... the ones with little letters and numbers that have pegs on the back.

simple stuff, but the details are great. the glasses are fantastic and the salt and pepper pots
though they look simple and nothing special, are really high quality little things.

that's all you need, right there in a plastic container, just bring on the food.

in the corner of the restaurant is a little room. a little wooden shed-like thing.
it's actually an old sound booth from the bbc which is now a kind of private room for say 6 people
and when you want service, you switch on the "on air" light.
amazing !

you know me by now... you can only imagine how long i spent photographing
these bottles.
they are just simple plastic sauce bottles right ?
but to me, they are things of beauty.

good lads.

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