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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

a few iphone pics

after buying my new af-1's at 1948 last friday, i sneaked around the corner to present.

a few minutes later i'm looking at this scene.
it's pretty much standard behaviour around those parts.

fast forward a day and i'm in paris.
they tell me france is famous for it's cuisine so...
i headed to a tapas bar, spoke a bit of spanglish and ordered up a chorizo tortilla.
( obviously i discarded the tomatoes )

if you know me at all, you'll know that i do like a nice bit of packaging.
these bad boys were in the window of a shop( which was closed ) near my hotel
i'm not a fan of sardines, but i'm a fan of the packaging.
also i like it when fish wear hats.
( my local fish and chip shop has a sign with a fish wearing a top hat and a monocle )

here are some other styles
all good stuff from the french, though i wouldn't be surprised if they were portuguese...
... or welsh.

and one last iphone pic
oh yes.

n7 was being well and truly represented.
here's one of my stickers on the handrail of a bridge overlooking some cheap-ass
copy of blackpool tower.

what ?

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