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Thursday, 31 May 2012


did anybody out there watch eurovision 2012 on saturday ?

i'm a big fan of it to be honest. although there are a lot of rubbish songs
on the night, i always find one or two gems each year that make it onto my 
iphone playlist.

my favourite song this year was "suus" by rona nishliu ( albania )

interested ? then check out the video below...

sure, i'd have preferred a slightly more pretentious video, and i think the lesson
learned from it is that it's difficult to chalk onto a mirror.

still, i really like the song, it's a real grower and rona has got a fantastic hobson's.

if it was bjork singing it in english i think it'd be a hit, so give it a chance
and listen to an albanian girl singing her heart out.
nice one rona.

and the vote just in from n7... albania 12 points.

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