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Saturday, 12 May 2012

the predictables

this is a still from a forthcoming tv show on bbc-1
it stars me ( as a photographer in present day london ) and i'm called in to help the police
with various photography, footwear and coffee crimes which they themselves are unable to solve.

my sidekick is a mysterious time-traveller from the late 1960's who is trapped in present
day london and unable to return home until he manages to buy a round of drinks.

at the end of the first episode, after we've solved the crime and i've saved a 
young model's life by throwing away her reebok classics and giving her a pair of nike blazers, 
myself and gerry retire to a pub to have a few drinks and discuss acceptable footwear.

as our first pints are drained, i raise an eyebrow towards gerry.
slowly he reaches towards his wallet and nods towards our empty glasses
this prompts me to speak the final line of the show.

" i'll do the jokes "

the camera pans with me as i walk towards the bar then cuts to the inside of gerry's
jacket pocket and the 'reveal' that he didn't have his wallet with him.

the music ( telstar by joe meek ) fades in and the credits roll.

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