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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

stonehenge from the a303

i do like the a303.

did you see that documentary about it last year ?

one of my favourite things about the a303 is that the drive takes you
really close to stonehenge ( which like my friend gerry's wallet is now a world heritage site )

i only visited stonehenge once, maybe 20 years ago and though it's very interesting
i was a bit choked that you weren't allowed near the stones. visitors are kept back
quite a long way from them by ropes.

to be honest the view is almost as good when you drive past on the a303.

to illustrate this ( badly ) i took a couple of photos as i drove by last week.

ok, maybe not the greatest argument for driving by and not visiting properly.

 yeah ok... 
... you shouldn't drive by. just pull off the a303 and go visit stonehenge properly.

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