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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

behind the scenes

i took this shot last week and i like it very much.
i had to take a photo of the girl pouring some champagne from a different angle
but i walked over to my camera bag for something, looked back and saw this shot.

i know the foreground is messy but i love the light on the girl as she waits patiently for
me to get my act together.
apart from the pink cushion i also love that it kind of looks like she's in a wood, or a forest...
( perhaps even a glade ? )

here's the first frame i took of the actual shot that was needed
this frame is a bit shaky but i like that it gives it an almost painted look.

i'm so rubbish at remembering names but i'd like to say the girl's name began 
with an 'f'

thanks 'f'

oh and while i'm at it i should also thank 'e' 's' 'e' 'd' and any other letters of the alphabet
who helped on the day.

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