snapshots and observations

Thursday, 3 May 2012


out of respect, only one post today.

a close friend of mine's dad passed away a couple of days ago.

i only met him once and i only have this one photo of him.
it was taken first thing in the morning on the day of his son's wedding.
i thought i'd be first down to breakfast but no... he was there already
sitting alone in the big room.
i went over to introduce myself and asked why he was up so early.

it was absolutely pouring down and he said something along the lines of
that he couldn't sleep, he wanted to watch the rain and that hopefully it would stop.

we chatted for a few minutes, then his son and a few more people came down.

he seemed like a really nice bloke.



  1. If I'm right in thinking I may know this man's son too? Am I right Mark?
    If so I've also met the man in the photo and he was indeed a lovely lovely man.

  2. Thank you, Mark. He would of been most honoured to of made it onto your blog.