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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

michael marriot x paul smith limited edition ply stool

one of my favourite designers is michael marriott.

i first met michael in 1995 and over the years i've collected quite
a few of his designs. i've also commissioned a couple of things from him too.

a couple of years ago i was walking down dover street in w1 and saw
a new product from michael in the window of the paul smith store.

naturally enough i bought one.
it was a flat-pack ply stool.

here it is after i assembled it.
it's just 5 pieces of plywood. each piece has a painted pattern on one side
and it can be assembled with the pattern on each piece facing out or in.

it's held together by four cable ties
hot lime green cable ties at that... michael told me he bought them in the usa

naturally it's a limited edition
hmmm... sustainable timber too.

here are a few more pics

it's a corking little stool and like all michael's work, it's functional
and kind of fun too.

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