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Friday, 4 May 2012

stylish stylus

does anybody out there play that 'draw something' game ?

i've been at it for a few weeks now and it's kind of addictive.
the drawback to playing on an iphone though is the tiny screen
and having to draw with your finger.

so, i decided to buy a stylus to improve my game.

searching on the bay i found just the ticket, the only thing was,
they were sold in packs of 8
they are great little efforts and it's just like drawing on your iphone with a pen

you can use them to type emails, swipe across pages etc, they are cracking things
spot-on for iphones and even better on ipads.
but of course, i don't need 8 of them so...

...does anybody out there want one ?
as long as i'm not forking out postage to 7 people they are up for grabs.

maybe you are in london and want to collect in person ?
or you could send me a stamped self addressed envelope ?

anyway, all apart from the silver one are available, just let me know.

and just to show you how my 'draw something' skills have improved
here are three of my recent efforts




ok, keep your wig on ! imagine how bad i was before the stylus !


  1. Can I claim my one please - it was promised to me already - I would like to choose either red black blue or orange... don't mind which. email me your address again and I will send suitable transport material through the royal mail...

  2. Nick Nameless4 May 2012 at 14:56

    I'd love one too thank you very much. black, blue or owt for nowt (I'm not proud!). I can send an SAE or we can wait until i can buy you a beer week after next when I am in London for the week.

  3. Hi Mark, orange would be great to go with my shiney new ipad! ha ha! Can send an SAE - would be happy to treat you to a coffee next time i'm in London also.

    Have a good weekend.



  4. ok, the way i see it...
    gary r: red
    nick: black
    si: orange... though it's actually a brass finish rather than orange.

    gary i'll post it.
    nick i'll post it and claim my beer the week after next
    si send me your address. leave it as a comment and i won't publish it. yes, you can buy me a coffee when you're in town.

  5. hi marko, can i have one pleeeese... or two if you still got two left? to go with my phone and ipad, i'll send you some stammps for postage if you want me ol mate :-D RAy