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Monday, 14 May 2012

the future

the other day in a boozer in nw1 with my friend gerry, i turned my camera
towards the pub's only other customer.
a grey haired, miserable looking bloke sitting by himself. drinking all alone, seemingly
with no friends, tutting now and then and drinking a pint of bitter.

now my friend gerry is a well respected time-traveller, do you think he transported us into the future ?

do you think that bloke could be me, but in the future ?
i mean to say, i swear he was wearing a nice jacket. his trousers seemed to be stüssy
and also he was rocking a classic all white pair of nike air force 1's.

i asked gerry if this was some sort of future vision of me and he said 
"yes... it's you in two years time"

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