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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

r2-d4 by nathan cabrera

have you ever seen the film 'star wars' ?

i've never seen it, never seen the empire strikes back or any of the other
star wars films. 

i've no idea why to be honest... i've seen the alien films, blade runner, 
star trek, starship troopers, predator, even avatar.
what i mean is, i've seen films set in space, films with aliens and battles and 
stuff, but for some reason i've never seen star wars or any of it's sequels / prequels.

to my shame almost, i do own two pieces of star wars related memorabilia though.

maybe in my defence i should say that they are not proper, official star wars items.
they are in fact parodies of star wars.

i'll show the other item in my next post because it really is something special
and i think it's something of a 'grail' piece for collectors... plus it's related to 
the sneaker game.

but first up here's a piece i bought because i like the artist who designed it
and it just coincidentally happened to be a star wars thing... kind of.

let's do a bit of a tease first and i'll show you some photos of the box.
( because to a collector, the box is important right ? )

the box is almost a parody of star wars toys. it's brand new and in perfect
condition but it's been made to look like a damaged box with burns on it and
that some kid has scribbled on too.

interesting box eh ?
can you guess what it is yet ?

here's the top of the box
as you can see it utilises matt and gloss finishes. it must have cost quite
a bit just to make the box.

the bottom of the box shows the artist's name 'cabrera'
it's a long story but the name 'cabrera'... well...

ok, nearly ready for the reveal
unless you want me to show you inside the box flaps ?
seriously, they are really nice too !

ok, here's the window at the front of the box
eh ? eh ?

wd40 x r2d2 get it ?

it's a really well made piece
with lots of great little details

i won't lie. this is the first time i've ever taken it out of the box !
it's a great piece. rare as balls and although it's a bit star wars-y, i like it.

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