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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

the doubtful ( barbeque ) guest

if anybody out there was thinking about inviting me to a barbeque this summer...

well you've got to weigh up the pros and cons really.

sure i'll bring a camera along and the chances are i'll take a few nice photos.
maybe i'll tell the odd amusing story and come out with the occasional funny line but...

i will pull my face at most of the things on offer, while taking the last bottle of corona
away from a friend of yours who you've known for much longer than me.

i will eat more meat than anybody else and then skulk off without offering to help with the dishes.

then again i'll wear some nice trainers.

pros and cons.

anyway, you know in the film terminator 2 when arnie walks into a bar and you see
how he sees things ?

well, this is pretty much how i saw the barbeque on sunday afternoon.
it's what i like to call meat-vision©
note how all the meat is right in front of me.
 this is fig 1 in my bbq textbook.

thanks to credit and mrs credit for inviting me over. it was great to see you both.


  1. I have a barbecue to attend on saturday, i'll report back on how much i can emulate you.
    speaking with the hosts last night they actually said that they don't mind if i slope off early if it's just not floating my boat.

    i think my reputation precedes me!

  2. As usual, great blog and great posts

  3. Haha, I love this. Very original, perfectly executed.