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Friday, 18 May 2012

missoni x converse

have a butchers at this
missoni x converse

inside the box
a drawstring bag

and inside the bag ( don't judge me )
a very nice pair of limited edition missoni x converse all stars

i should really point out straight away that these aren't mine.
they belong to mrs w, who is slowly putting together a decent little crate.

let's get into the shoe
very feminine i know, but there's something about a missoni pattern that i like.
also it's not just applied to a basic converse all star, the boots used are top of the range.
for instance the midsole and toe bumper are all made using white leather

have a look at the midsole here... real quality
the missoni fabric is quite flimsy i would say... a bit like a lightweight missoni scarf

these are finished with the mint colour laces
though they also came with a pair of white laces

leather heel tabs
fair enough

and a rubber converse tab on the heel
personally i'd have liked to see a special missoni x converse tab used.
maybe missoni on one heel, converse on the other ?

nice leather converse ankle pieces
but once again, no mention of missoni. a missed trick ?

and finally, a touch of class... a padded leather tongue
with the missoni logo stamped into it.

all in all, a very nice pair of kicks, picked up from colette in paris.

if any blokes are interested, they did a very nice dark blue pair.
( i tried to buy them but they were out of my size. grrr ! )

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