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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


top marks to gary r.

he sent this to me a day or so after 'smash' aired last week
i'm still waiting for a review from 'kapow !' though

( that's right... she's got a nickname )


  1. who'd want a stupid nickname anyway!1 May 2012 at 10:13

    despite the barely suppressed aggressive provocation I have requested said review and it will be with you shortly.

    I'll not take the bait.

  2. from where i'm sitting it appears that you have.

  3. After watching the first two episodes of the new Sky Atlantic show, “SMASH!” here is my review: the basic idea of the show is the writing, production and casting of “Marilyn The Musical” to be shown on New York’s Broadway. It follows the lives of the writers and two girls who are the final two “Marilyns”. I have found it very good, it’s very easy to follow and highly entertaining if you are into musical theatre or general theatre shows. The way the show switches between the production of the musical and the lives of the casts and writers is done really smoothly and in a wa, which doesn’t seem irrelevant to the plot itself.

  4. "and in a wa," ?

    no but seriously kapow ! thank-you for that. i think a prize is in order and i am giving you the job of reviewing tv programmes i don't have access to.

    many thanks.

    1. Sorry that is supposed to be "and in a way"!

      Your welcome. I am happy to help any time! Thank you for asking :)

  5. oh i get it - the writing team get nicknames but the visual team doesn't...