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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

nike x tom sachs space program: mars

on friday i took a trip to 1948 and checked out the tom sachs space program: mars 

after queuing up for a little while i was unexpectedly joined by a friend of mine,
somebody i don't have nickname for yet... somebody who's a designer of stuff
i really like, and who seems to be getting into the sneaker game in a big way.

we were at the back of the queue for a while and then an amazing thing happened.

a girl came out of 1948 and walked up and down the queue and plucked somebody from 
the middle and told them to go in. i got her attention and asked what was happening.
she said "he's got to go back to work soon" 
so i said "we've got to get back to work as well" and she replied
"right. you can go in too"

so me and my friend did the walk of shame as she escorted us past all the people
who were queueing ahead of us, past the security guard and into 1948.

( you should check out the tom sachs space program on google to see what it's all about.
there are videos and lots of photos, it's a really interesting project )

anyway, inside 1948, this was the display
just 5 pieces, but 5 really incredible pieces.

two coats, a pair of trainers and two bags
listing it like that the collection doesn't sound like much does it ?
but they are really little pieces of art.

 as ever, it's all about the details.
some of the materials used are from old space-suits, also car air-bags and boat sails.
the mars yard shoes come with a customised box and a spare pair of leather insoles.

the material used on the upper is vectran, which is spun from lcp 
( liquid crystal polymer ) and is 5x stronger than steel, although it is lightweight
and breathable.
the laces are from parachute cords.

the trenchcoat on the left is a very nice bit of kit
this is the lining by the way

the periodic table... excellent !

decent labels too
all in all, there was lots to look at even though there were only 5 items on sale.

they only let 4 people in at a time and those who were in with me seemed to 
spend a lot of time taking photos.
bloggers eh ?
what are they like ?

there was also a big video wall playing the tom sachs mission to mars film

and finally, those who bought something from the mission 2.0 mars collection were
asked to sign up as astronauts on the tom sachs space program
i was the 10th astronaut to sign up !

if you get a chance, it's well worth taking a trip to 1948 and checking out the tom sachs
display and having a close look at the pieces he's designed.

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