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Thursday, 25 October 2012

30 iphone photos from yotel gatwick

just over a month ago i went to capri for a week or so.

my flight to naples from gatwick was really early one morning... really early.
so rather than get a cab at an outrageously early hour i decided to stay the night
before i flew at the yotel in gatwick airport.

it's a great little place, it is actually right in the airport and i guess it's pretty similar
to the japanese pod-style hotels.
the room was tiny, but seriously, it had everything you could need in a hotel room.

would i recommend it ? yes.

anyway, i decided to try and do a cheap panoramic shot and here is the result

hmmm... i did these 30 shots before i realised that the lighting could be changed.
well... i like purple so i thought it was ok.
the bed is like a sofa at this point, then you press a button and it turns into
a bed.

that last bit reminds me of some old joke by the way.
it may have been a stephen wright story and it went something like this...

"i was driving along the freeway last night when i saw this beautiful woman 
hitch-hiking. i gave her a lift and we got chatting.
i asked her what she did for a living and she told me she was a magician...
i think she actually was a magician because she started stroking 
my leg and i turned into a motel"

( zzzz... - ed )

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