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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

converse x schoeller

these are good.

very important shoes for this time of year.

as ever i'm going to start with the tease.
it's a good solid box. nice one converse.

oh no !
another tease
but i wanted to show you one of the converse first string touches.
the drawstring bag.
this is a really nice detail and it's a trick nike have missed.
you can't beat a nice drawstring bag.

tease 3
but this is the king of all drawstring bags.
it's made from a neoprene type material.

the shoes too are made from neoprene
a nice clean silhouette with a neoprene upper.
waterproof... or at least rain proof.

they come with the standard converse first string lace dilemma
three sets of laces.
which would you go with ?
have a guess which ones i went for.

the heel tabs are canvas maybe, but with a waterproof covering
details, details.

on the heel strips are patches to show that these are a collab with schoeller
so there you have it. seriously water resistant trainers. perfect for the 
autumn ( not the fall )
if you can find a pair of these i'd definitely advise you to splash out on them
( leave it )

as for me...
i opted for a dark blue lace.

now bring on the rain.

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