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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

last tuesday ( iphone pics )

last tuesday was my final day in manhattan.
here are a few iphone pics. i think they were all taken indoors
as it poured down all day.

breakfast at the local diner. as a nod to porridge season i opted for "hot oats"
with strawberries, blueberries and honey. i think it cost $2.50 and it really hit the spot.

i went to the 24 hour chemist or pharmacy rather, to pick up some last minute
presents to bring home. i thought my friend heath might like one of these.

i think it's pretty much the law that all tourists do this shot while waiting for a train.

in the queue at la colombe ( the coffee shop next to supreme )
i admired the legwear and footwear of the bloke in front of me.

then i admired mine.

after ordering up a coffee using my best hugh grant impression, i took
a seat to do some people watching... and of course to drink a nice flat white.

my first proper purchase of the trip was in the stüssy shop on spring street,
a maiden noir t-shirt.

it was predictably followed up by a sock purchase.
stüssy socks... outstanding !

finalhome was with me and he insisted on having his photo taken with the
new york stüssy crew.
left to right: samurai ny, finalhome, uncle bruce.

the boys at stüssy are top lads. if you're ever there, please say hello from me
and tell them you saw their photo on my blog.

shocking scenes at the converse store on broadway.
i offered to re-do the whole display to make a union jack but i was asked to leave.

i did spot a few union jack converse all star key-rings on my way out though.

a trip to new york is never complete without a trip to flight club to see some really
rare trainers and to encounter some really shoddy service.
these bad boys were ( only ) $6000

flight club bounced my credit card when i tried to buy these.
( it's a long story )

they were in a signed box too !
( grrr ! )

on the subway back to my hotel i spotted this advert. hmmm...
this was the last iphone photo from my quick trip to new york.

then it was a quick bag grab, cab to jfk and good old b.a flight back to terminal 5

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