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Sunday, 14 October 2012

last saturday ( iphone pics )

you know i was in new york last week right ?

to be honest the weather was rotten and i didn't do much snapshot
photography with a decent camera.
also i was working for most of the time i was there, so most of the photos
i have were taken with my trusty ( ish ) iphone.

rather than show the photos one by one as i've been doing recently in a 
shocking attempt to reach 1000 posts by the end of the year, i thought i'd
break them up into the days.

so brace yourself for a slow start...

here's what i shot with my iphone last saturday.

this is how i packed. having a bit of ocd makes packing great.
it makes it into a bit of a game almost.

in the small muji case and small-ish burton bag i have 2 cameras, 7 lenses, 
a battery light, lighting stand, flashmeter, macbook, 2 lastolites, 
two pairs of af-1's ( boxed ) and a few clothes.

in the bathing ape document wallet i have my passport, flight and hotel details,
iphone stand ear-plugs and an eye mask.

waiting to board the flight to jfk. this was at the gate, where i guess i was a bit 
bored and decided to photograph my shoes and my bape shoulder bag.

on the plane i watched a film... that new-ish spiderman thing with rhys ifans in it.
i had some food, a bit of a sleep and when i woke up, this is where i was.

almost there.

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