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Thursday, 18 October 2012

a present from new york

this shows just how behind i'm getting with this blog.

a few weeks ago now, in fact way back when i was in beijing
i received a text from a friend of mine who was in new york.

as you know, apart from with myself, i don't like using real names here.
i like to give people a bit of anonymity and also i very much like nicknames.
so it just occurred to me that i don't have a nickname for this bloke, hmmm...

ok let's call him purplegang.

so, my friend purplegang texted me from new york to beijing to ask about 
trainers and t-shirts.

a couple of weeks later when we were both back in london he came over to whitfield
towers for a cappuccino and a chat.

top man... look what he brought me from new york.

 perfect !

a t-shirt from supreme
with a great print and a motto that is pretty much the same as mine
( but mine is in lower case )

as you know, i'm desperate to reach 1000 blog posts in 2012 so rather than show you
the other things purplegang brought me from n.y. here...

... that's right, i'll show you tomorrow

and the day after.

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