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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

last monday ( iphone pics )

a few iphone photos from last monday in manhattan

on the way back to my hotel from breakfast, i stopped to take a photo
next to some corking sandwiches. i like the sound of 'meatball hero'

in a yellow cab on the way to my shoot.
what is it with those yellow cabs ? they are massive but they have no legroom.
( although i would have looked equally miserable if there was decent legroom, right ? )

during my shoot

like photographing yellow taxis going by, shooting the subway trains
and the lights at times square, i find i always have to take a few photos of
the pay phones on the streets of new york.
they just look so hard don't they ?

likewise, i always like to do the touristy thing and look up at the skyscrapers.
i think this is the chrysler building... but i could be wrong.

heading out for a bite to eat.
this was in the hotel lift ( yes, i did photograph myself every time i used the lift )

i was seriously thinking about buying some brooklyn nets merch.
but it was mainly made by adidas and the quality was so shoddy it was untrue.
this jacket was quite sensible though, but how many black jackets does a bloke need ?

i was advised by tallulah to try out shake shack.
the menu looked impressive but the queues were similar to those at
1948 when the yeezy 2's dropped.

obligatory night time shot

some sort of train station.
not as impressive as warrington bank quay, but not bad i suppose.

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