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Monday, 29 October 2012

39 square meter cafe

one evening in beijing, the team were walking back to the hotel after
a meal when i spotted some interesting items through the window
of a tiny coffee shop.

unfortunately the shop was closing but the manager let me take
a few photographs as he was tidying up.

the reason i wanted to take photos was because the items on display
were rare. extremely rare 400% bearbricks.

they were set back in little alcoves in the walls and were behind pretty thick glass.

i'd never seen these in real life before. they are perhaps the rarest of all
they are called karimoku editions and they are hand made from solid wood.
not only are these karimoku bearbricks but they are kaws versions too.

these three are regular karimoku editions

maybe these don't look much here, but in real life you can see the craftsmanship
in them. they look really, really nice.

hmmm... i'm not a transformers fan but these things are pretty decent too
( they are transformers right ? )

i think this one was a 1000%  but i honestly can't remember.

all i remember was the place was closing for the night and the next morning we flew 
back to london.

the place was called 39 square meter cafe and it was a 5 minute walk from
the opposite house.

if you're in beijing and you fancy a coffee in a real one-off joint i recommend
you search it out.

oh and in case you were wondering how much one of the karimoku
kaws bearbricks would cost, brace yourself....

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