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Monday, 22 October 2012

magnus long

just this one time i'll make an exception from my rule of only using nicknames 
when talking about friends on my blog. 

my friend magnus is a designer.

he designed my famous coffee table.

a few weeks ago at design junction a company called modus were launching
his bench type things. 
that's them right in the middle of the modus space

they are pretty nice things. i think they're called 'bend' but i could be wrong
the idea is that when you're on a bench you have to lean out a bit to talk
to whoever is next to you, but with a bend in the bench it's more comfortable.
well, i'm not saying that's the whole idea, but it's part of it.

i was doing a bit of photography at design junction anyway and had already
taken the two shots above, then magnus turned up so i got him to pose up.
ha ha ! he was posing like a boss !

 it was murder trying to get a clean background
 but i think this is quite decent anyway. just the right amount of movement.

after a while i gave everybody my paddington hard stare combined with
asking in dickie pelham style "is there any chance ?"
it did the trick.
aside from being quite good at posing, my fried magnus is a bit of
a decent designer.
if you're in the market for some very nice and genius door hooks, seating
or maybe even a coffee table like mine...

and tell him i sent you.

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