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Sunday, 28 October 2012

behind the scenes in a hot, hot kitchen

this was a couple of months ago, in beijing.
out of shot on the left is a big peking duck oven.

it's an open oven with a massive fire inside.

what i'm trying to say is... it was hot.

i can't show you the photos i took there, but i can show you this frame
i took after taking a few steps back.

the bloke in the middle is preparing the ducks.
in front of him is a trough which contained duck heads.

on the left is the boss.
fair play to the boss. she's standing right next to the oven here
so i know the side of her face must be burning. the floor is slippery
and she's wearing miu miu heels. 

pretty difficult working conditions, but she handled it... 

like a boss !

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